Our craft workshops are perfect for anyone who fancies getting creative in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, without having the stress of organising supplies or coming up with an idea. During the workshop, each participant will be creating something with their own hands, something they can be really proud of. Our private workshops are perfect to meet up with friends and be creative!

Not only do we offer craft experiences, but we also live it and have a real passion for it. This is not just a job, it is something we do with all of our heart. There is just something about seeing the proud reactions once they’ve crafted something themselves, often without having had the slightest idea that what they were doing would turn out so well. But it does! And because everyone needs a little help at times, we're on hand, explaining and helping out.

Our workshops can finally be in person again in the Sale/Manchester/Cheshire Area. However, if you prefer a workshop via zoom (maybe to catch up with friends that live further away?), this is possible as well. In this case all craft supplies will be posted to every participant prior to the workshop.

To book a private workshop simply contact us via the contact form below. 
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